Thank you for choosing Dr. Charles R. Barker, Jr. as your primary care provider. With a mutual commitment between physician and patient, we will provide you and your family with quality health care and medical services.

Dr. Charles R. Barker, Jr. works on an appointment basis only, but we can almost always accommodate your needs by seeing you on the day you call in.

Each time you arrive for your appointment, you will be asked to present your insurance card if you have insurance and verify your address and all phone numbers. While this may seem like an inconvenience, we have found that often the insurance companies make slight changes to coverage that are important for us to know. Please be prepared to present this information when checking in. We are contracted with most insurance companies.

Office visits are meant to protect your health safety, to ensure the effectiveness of your treatments, and to check for any side effects from your medications. Your specific wellness needs will determine the frequency of your office visits.

During your visit with our office, our staff will write your prescription with enough refills to last until your next visit. All prescription refills require you to schedule an appointment to reduce the possibility of medication errors. This policy is meant to ensure the health and safety of our patients.

The fastest way to renew your prescription when there are no remaining refills is to call your pharmacy directly. Please anticipate your prescription needs before holidays and weekends and call in advance as refill requests can take up to 48 hours to be processed.

Follow-up appointments to monitor your progress on these medications are very important. To avoid any difficulties, be sure to call us for an office visit well in advance of the time your refill is needed. That way, we can provide the most suitable treatment for your healthcare needs.

Payment is expected at the time of service. Accepted methods of payment include cash, credit card, and debit card. Call us with any additional questions.

We request a 24-hour cancellation notice for all appointments for the benefit of other patients who also need to receive assistance. On a first “no show” you will receive a letter informing you of the policy. For a second no show we will charge $20. The third will result in dismissal from the practice. We hope you understand the need for this policy, and hope you will contact us with any questions.

In the event of an emergency procedure during your office visit, you must pay any co-insurance before you leave the clinic. Self-pay patients must provide 100% payment at the time of service.

Please be aware that some services might not be covered by your particular insurance plan. Some, or even all, of the services you receive may not be covered or might be considered unnecessary by the insurer. It is very important to verify your coverage – non-covered services must be paid for in full at the time of the service. This is particularly true for a lot of lab and x-ray services.

Your insurance company might need you to supply certain information directly. It is your sole responsibility to comply with their request.

Dr. Charles R. Barker, Jr. complies with HIPAA, the Federal Health Safety Act.

Please let us know if you have any questions on these policies. We look forward to working with you.