Dr. Charles Barker, Jr.

Dr. Barker was born and raised in Belding. He graduated from Belding High School where he went on to Michigan State University and received a Bachelor’s in Physiology. He then went on to the University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine, in Kansas City, Missouri. Dr. Barker completed his residency at Metro Health Hospital from 1996-1999, where he has special emphasis on Primary Care and Sports Medicine.

Dr. Barker is active in the community. He has coached several different sports, including soccer, wrestling, baseball, and football. Dr. Barker’s children attend Belding Public Schools.

When you walk into the office of Charles R. Barker Jr., DO, he will treat you like family. The office Motto is “Hometown Care with a Personal Touch”.

Dr. Barker is in the office Monday thru Wednesday from 7am to 4pm and Thursday’s from 7am to 1pm. The entire office closes for lunch daily from 1 to 2pm.